New! Coming Soon ! For children 5 to 7 years old!
The DVD3, Initiation to Dance, Irena Tatiboit


AfterDVD1 + CD + Book (8-10 years) and DVD2 + CD + Book(10-14 years) which received an excellent reception from dance teachers, the Carré d'Art is preparing the suite of this educational series, the DVD3 + CD + book, Initiation to Dance (5-7 years).


For four years now, the rigourous classes from this collection show the fundamental methods of dance and are the object of continual educational reflection by Irena Tatiboit, the director and choreographer of the Contemporary Dance School in Strasbourg, Le Carré d'Art.

Writing, composing music, video shooting, editing, authoring, translations, voice over recordings, graphics, editing and more ! A wonderful team, a dozen experts and enthusiastic technicians are working on this new project; the publication of the new DVD3 is scheduled for September 2017 !

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